21 hot programming trends—and 21 going cold

21 hot programming trends -- and 21 going cold Credit: HOA420 via Wikimedia More like this App dev trends going hot -- and cold 21 hot programming trends -- and 21 going cold 15 hot programming trends -- and 15 going cold 15 trends and 15 turn-offs in app dev Video Why you need to start using Polymer for your Web development cable modem 53% off Linksys Cable Modem for Comcast, Eliminate Rental Fees - Deal Alert nest Nest Thermostat Currently Discounted 6% - Deal Alert eagle vr 43% off Eagle Flight for PlayStation VR - Deal Alert Related Articles Stamp with five stars showing excellence Review: The 10 best JavaScript editors JavaScript code Review: The 6 best JavaScript IDEs strategy chess Strategy first: How to do mobile dev right See all Insider Programmers love to sneer at the world of fashion where trends blow through like breezes. Skirt lengths rise and fall, pigments come and go, ties get fatter, then thinner. But in the world of technology, rigor, science, math, and precision rule over fad. That's not to say programming is a profession devoid of trends. The difference is that programming trends are driven by greater efficiency, increased customization, and ease of use. The new technologies that deliver one or more of these eclipse the previous generation. It's a meritocracy, not a whimsy-ocracy. [ Find out how to get ahead with our career development guide for developers. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ] What follows is a list of what's hot and what's not among today's programmers. Not everyone will agree with what's A-listed, what's D-listed, and what's been left out. That's what makes programming an endlessly fascinating profession: rapid change, passionate debate, sudden comebacks. Hot: Preprocessors Not: Full language stacks It wasn't long ago that people who created a new programming language had to build everything that turned code into the bits fed to the silicon. Then someone figured out they could piggyback on the work that came before. Now people with a clever idea simply write a preprocessor that translates the new code into something old with a rich set of libraries and APIs. The scripting languages like Python or JavaScript were once limited to little projects, but now they’re the foundation for serious work. And those who didn’t like JavaScript created CoffeeScript, a preprocessor that lets them code, again, without the onerous punctuation. There are dozens of variations preslicing and predicing the syntax in a different way. The folks who loved dynamic typing created Groovy, a simpler version of Java without the overly insistent punctuation. There seem to be dozens of languages like Scala or Clojure that run on the JVM, but there's only one JVM. You can run many languages on .Net’s VM. Why reinvent the wheel? Hot: Docker Not: Hypervisors This isn’t exactly true. The hypervisors have their place, and many Docker containers run inside of operating systems running on top of hypervisors. However, Docker containers are soooo much smaller than virtual machine images, and that makes them much easier to use and deploy. When developers can, they prefer to ship only Docker containers, thanks to the ease with which they can be juggled during deployment. Clever companies such as Joyent are figuring out how to squeeze even more fat out of the stack so that the containers can run, as they like to say, on “bare metal.” In the digital business era, you need agility to seize new opportunities while efficiently maintaining legacy, on-premise systems. Hot: JavaScript MV* frameworks Not: JavaScript files Long ago, everyone learned to write JavaScript to pop up an alert box or check to see that the email address in the form contained an @ sign. Now HTML AJAX apps are so sophisticated that few people start from scratch. It's simpler to adopt an elaborate framework and write a bit of glue code to implement your business logic. There are now dozens of frameworks like Kendo, Sencha, jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, Meteor JS, and many more, all ready to handle the events and content for your web apps and pages. Those are merely the web apps. There are also a number tuned to offering cross-platform development for the smartphone/tablet world. Technologies like NativeScript, PhoneGap, and Ext JS are a few of the options for creating apps out of HTML5 technology. Hot: CSS frameworks Not: Generic Cascading Style Sheets Once upon a time, adding a bit of pizzazz to a web page meant opening the CSS file and including a new command like font-style:italic. Then you saved the file and went to lunch after a hard morning's work. Now web pages are so sophisticated that it's impossible to fill a file with such simple commands. One tweak to a color and everything goes out of whack. It's like what they say about conspiracies and ecologies: Everything is interconnected. That's where CSS frameworks like SASS and its cousins Compass have found solid footing. They encourage literate, stable coding by offering programming constructs such as real variables, nesting blocks, and mix-ins. It may not sound like much newness in the programming layer, but it's a big leap forward for the design layer. Hot: Video tags Not: Static tags Once upon a time, video was something you watched on YouTube or Vimeo. It was a separate thing that lived on its own in a dedicated page. That’s changing as more and more websites use video as building blocks like static GIFs or JPGs. All of a sudden, the screen starts to move as the people or dogs come alive. Designers are discovering that the modern video tag is simply another rectangle, albeit a rectangle that often needs a bit more JavaScript code from the programmer to control it. We’re only beginning to understand that video isn’t the main course for that box in front of the living room couch, but a decorating option everywhere. Hot: Almost big data (analysis without Hadoop) Not: Big data (with Hadoop) Everyone likes to feel like the Big Man on Campus, and if they aren't, they're looking for a campus of the appropriate size where they can stand out. It's no surprise then that when the words "big data" started flowing through the executive suite, the suits started asking for the biggest, most powerful big data systems as if they were purchasing a yacht or a skyscraper. The funny thing is many problems aren't big enough to use the fanciest big data solutions. Sure, companies like Google or Yahoo track all of our web browsing; they have data files measured in petabytes or yottabytes. But most companies have data sets that can easily fit in the RAM of a basic PC. I'm writing this on a PC with 16GB of RAM—enough for a billion events with a handful of bytes. In most algorithms, the data doesn't need to be read into memory because streaming it from an SSD is fine. There will be instances that demand the fast response times of dozens of machines in a Hadoop cloud running in parallel, but many will do fine plugging along on a single machine without the hassles of coordination or communication. Hot: Spark Not: Hadoop It’s not so much that Hadoop is cooling off. It’s more that Spark is red hot, making the Hadoop model look a bit old. Spark borrows some of the best ideas of Hadoop’s approach to extracting meaning from large volumes of data and updates them with a few solid improvements that make the code run much, much faster. The biggest may be the way that Spark keeps data in fast memory instead of requiring everything be written to the distributed file system. Of course many people are merging the two by using Spark’s processing speed on data stored in Hadoop’s distributed file system. They’re more partners than competitors. Hot: Artificial intelligence/machine learning Not: Big data No one knows what the phrase “artificial intelligence” means, and that helps the marketers, especially since the term “big data” has run its course. They’re grabbing terms from artificial intelligence and upgrading the sophistication of the big, number-crunching algorithms that plow through our log files and clickstreams. By borrowing the more sophisticated algorithms from the 50-odd years of AI research, we stand a better chance than ever of finding that signal in the noise. Tools run the gamut from machine learning frameworks to cognitive computing, all the way up to IBM’s Watson, which you can now ping to solve your problems. Each offers its own level of machine intelligence and, with this, the promise of taking over more of the data analysis and forensics for us. Hot: Robotics Not: Virtual things Was it only a few minutes ago that we were all going to be living in virtual reality where everything was drawn on our retinas by some video card? It still might happen, but in the meantime the world of robotics is exploding. Every school has a robotics team, and every corner of the house is now open to a robotics invasion. The robot vacuum cleaners are old news and the drones are taking off. That means programmers need to start thinking about how to write code to control the new machines. For the time being, that often means writing scripts for lightweight controllers like the Raspberry Pi, but that’s bound to change as the libraries grow more sophisticated. Many roboticists, for instance, like hacking the code in OpenCV, a machine vision platform filled with C. This means new rules, new libraries, new protocols, and plenty of other new topics to think about. Hot: Single-page web apps Not: Websites Remember when URLs pointed to web pages filled with static text and images? How simple and quaint to put all information in a network of separate web pages called a website. The design team would spend hours haggling over the site map and trying to make it easy enough to navigate. New web apps are front ends to large databases filled with content. When the web app wants information, it pulls it from the database and pours it into the local mold. There's no need to mark up the data with all the web extras needed to build a web page. The data layer is completely separate from the presentation and formatting layer. Here, the rise of mobile computing is another factor: a single, responsive-designed web page that work like an app -- to better avoid the turmoil of the app stores. Hot: Mobile web apps Not: Native mobile apps Let's say you have a great idea for mobile content. You could rush off and write separate versions for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and maybe even BlackBerry OS or one of the others. Each requires a separate team speaking a different programming language. Then each platform's app store exerts its own pound of flesh before the app can be delivered to the users. Or you could build one HTML app and put it on a website to run on all the platforms. If there's a change, you don't need to return to the app store, begging for a quick review of a bug fix. Now that the HTML layer is getting faster and running on faster chips, this approach can compete with native apps better on even more complicated and interactive apps. Related: Application Development Careers Java Web Development iOS Android Hadoop

Arsenal: My future’ll be decided after our FA Cup final clash with Chelsea – Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said a decision on his future at the club will be made at a board meeting following their FA Cup final clash against Chelsea later this month. The Frenchman is out of contract at the Emirates at the end of the campaign as he prepares for the final Premier League game of the season against Everton with a hope to finish in the top-four for the 21st consecutive season. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_GB/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.9&appId=1281965775160257"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); “I don’t know (what will happen in the meeting),” Wenger told a news conference on Friday. “There are many aspects of a football club which has to be discussed at a board meeting. One of those is what happens with the manager, the players coming in, contract renewals. “The most important thing is to win the football game. What happens to me after that is less important.” Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger When asked whether a decision will be announced shortly after the FA Cup final on May 27, he replied, “Of course.” The North London club are relying on an upset to secure Champions League qualification. They are sitting fifth in the standings, one point behind fourth-placed Liverpool and three behind third-placed Manchester City. Liverpool host already-relegated Middlesbrough and Manchester City travel to Watford who languish 16th in the standings. Arsenal have won their last four league games and Wenger expected his side to focus on their own performance ahead of the final weekend of the season. “We just want everybody to play 100 percent in last game as is the tradition in England.” Wenger added. “We have to do our job, we are professionals. We are on a good run and that’s all we can do.” Midfielder Aaron Ramsey has recovered in time for the weekend’s clash while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain remained on the sidelines with an hamstring injury. Wenger said he was yet to make a decision on the availability of defender Laurent Koscielny, who missed the last game with an Achilles injury. Related Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/05/arsenal-futurell-decided-fa-cup-final-clash-chelsea-wenger/

Nigeria deeply divided, says UN report

AWKA—A REPORT just released by the United Nations, UN, on Nigeria’s Common Country Analysis, CCA, has revealed a deeply divided society on the basis of the plurality of ethnic, religious and regional identities that had tended to define the country’s political existence. BuhariBuhari The report also painted a gloomy picture, with most of the development and social indices in the country registering at levels unacceptable. The report, which was read during a consultative meeting on the formulation of the UN Development Assistance Framework IV (UNDAF IV) for the South East geo-political zone in Awka observed that for decades, different segments of Nigeria’s population had, at different times, expressed feelings of marginalization, of being short –changed, dominated, oppressed, threatened, or even targeted for elimination. The report read in part: “Nigeria, with a population of over 75 million, is the most populous nation in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world. Her population will be approximately 200 million by 2019 and over 400 million by 2050, becoming one of the top five populous countries in the world. “Nigeria is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world, with over 80 million or 64% of her population living below poverty line. The situation has not changed over the decades, but is increasing. Poverty and hunger have remained high in rural areas, remote communities and among female –headed households and these cut across the six geo-political zones, with prevalence ranging from approximately 46.9 percent in the South West to 74.3 percent in North West and North East. “In Nigeria, 37% of children under five years old were stunted, 18 percent wasted, 29% underweight and overall, only 10% of children aged 6-23 months are fed appropriately based on recommended infant and young children feeding practices. “Youth unemployment which is 42% in 2016 is very high, creating poverty, helplessness, despair and easy target for crime and terrorism. Over 10 million children of school age are out of schools with no knowledge and skills. “Nigeria’s economy is currently in a recession and it is estimated that government revenues have fallen by as much as 33 percent, which has further resulted in the contraction of the Gross Domestic Product, GDP, by 0.36 percent in the first three months of 2016. “The vulnerable macroeconomic environment in Nigeria is affecting investors’ confidence in the domestic economy.” When contacted last night to react to the report, federal government officials said they where not aware of it and couldn’t, therefore, react. “Despite the fact that Nigeria is a signatory to a number of protocols on sustainable and renewable environment, the country had, over the decades, failed to protect the environment, ecosystem and natural resources. Over-exploitation of natural resources and pollution of the environment, desertification are exposing the population to vulnerability and risks caused by climate change, among others. “Nigeria is well-endowed with forest resources, accounting for 2.5% of GDP. But Nigeria has one of the highest rates of forest loss in the world. Between 1990 and 2000, Nigeria lost an average of 409,700 hectares of forest per year on average deforestation rate of 3.5% per annum. “Increase in population, human activities like farming, construction and cutting of trees, use of wood and effect of climate change lead to environmental destruction across Nigeria.” This in turn leads to unpredictable weather, drought and floods. The implication of destruction of the environment includes reduced agricultural productivity, destruction of property and loss of lives. “Nigeria faces humanitarian and emergency crises of considerable proportions fueled by a combination of factors including climate change, inter-communal conflicts and violence, insurgency, recurring floods, heavy handed tactics of security forces in combating crime and insurgency. The overall consequence is the situation of systematic and chronic internal displacement that has given rise to different humanitarian crises that include the most egregious and dehumanizing human rights abuses. “Over 80 million Nigerians live in poverty and are affected in one way or the other by the current humanitarian crisis. Available reports indicate that there are over 3.3 million Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, which is Africa’s largest, ranking behind Syria and Columbia on a global scale. “The major challenges Nigeria is currently facing that constrain her economic growth and social development are lack of good governance, general increased insecurity across geo-political zones in North East, Niger Delta and Lake Chad region in particular. The situation is exacerbated by the existence of systematic accountability challenges, limited capacities of independent institutions/ commissions and limited accountability at the federal, states and local government levels. “Nigeria is a deeply divided society considering the plurality of ethnic, religious and regional identities that define her political existence. Since independence in 1960, Nigeria has struggled to build and sustain national integration. For decades, different segments of Nigeria’s population had, at different times, expressed feelings of marginalization, of being short-changed, dominated, oppressed, threatened, or even targeted for elimination.” The report recommended that transforming and diversifying Nigeria’s development paths needed a radical and new approach, especially by investing in people and in a strong more dynamic and inclusive productive informal sector. It also called for a design and support of joint programmes to address good governance, peace and security. Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/09/nigeria-deeply-divided-says-un-report/


The Federal Inland Revenue Service as part of its consolidation strategies, wish to engage the services of early starters with integrity, drive and desire to win professionally, to strengthen its workforce. Applicants are to note that regardless of the position advertised, the following are minimum general requirements for all applicants: Minimum Qualifications/Skills Base A Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Accounting, Law, Economics, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Geology, Statistics, Computer Science or other relevant discipline in the quantitative field OR A Higher National Diploma in Accounting, Economics, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Geology, Statistics, Computer Science or other relevant discipline in the quantitative field Computer literacy and conversancy with Microsoft office, Web Applications and the use of relevant applications for efficient delivery of service Strong leadership and management skills Strong team spirit and ability to effectively delegate Strong interpersonal and communication skills Strong Analytical skills Knowledge of the Nigerian Tax Laws and appreciation of their application and understanding of the regulatory framework within which the FIRS operates; Knowledge of business/industry environment within which taxpayers operate Ability to work as a regulator with the courage to ensure full compliance with laws Minimum Character Attributes Be of good character and must not have been found guilty of any criminal offence or should not have been indicted at or dismissed from their places of work or other environment Ability to work independently and within a team environment Minimum Past Performance Level Demonstrated ability to determine conformity and non- conformity to set standards in processes and procedures AND demonstrated courage and ability to eliminate, rectify or close determined non-conformity to standard character attributes Demonstrated courage in ensuring change within the organization he or she has worked through the effective discharge of his or her responsibility in spite of resistance to change efforts Demonstrable impactful presence in the work place as a direct result of the individual’s ability to effect positive and sustainable change in his/her environment Application Requirement(s): Applicants are also to note that regardless of the position advertised, any of the following will be an added advantage:- Master’s degree in related discipline Relevant and recognized professional certification and qualification Other General Requirement(s): In addition all Applicants must:- Have an NYSC Discharge or exemption certificate Be certified as mentally fit for appointment into the Service by a recognized Medical Doctor in any of these class of Government Hospitals: National Hospital Government Teaching Hospitals Federal Medical Centers Provide contact details for three references (from last employer, a close family relation and tertiary institution) from whom confidential reports on character and demonstrated abilities can be obtained Present a certificate of State of Origin and Local Government signed by the Chairman/Secretary of their Local Government. Certificates endorsed by Liaison offices will not be accepted. METHOD OF APPLICATION FIRS considers computer proficiency a key requirement for anyone who aspires for a job in the Service. This FIRS application portal will be available with effect from Monday, 29th August, 2016. Please follow the instructions to fill in your application. Only applications in respect of the advertised positions would be considered. All individuals are expected to apply for only ONE position. Multiple applications by one Candidate for more than one job will be disqualified. Upon submission, applicants will receive an acknowledgement containing a reference number which must be quoted in all future correspondences. Deadline for submission of application is six (6) weeks from the date the web portal is available (Monday, 10th October, 2016) Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. Tax Officer Cadre Vacant Job Positions at Tax Cadre - (Total: 3) Category Of Officer Salary Level Job Reference No. View details/apply Officer II Tax SL.10 CAT2-(ii)/O II T Officer I Tax SL.9 CAT2-(i) /O IT Assistant Manager Tax SL.8 CAT1- AMT

Latest job vacancies

IITA– Has vacancy in internal and external department, for Nursing Officer. Interested applicants should forward their curriculum vitae to http//www.iita.org/careers not later than two weeks from the date of publication. HIRING FOR OUR CLIENTS- We are looking to hire qualified candidates in the following positions: Facilities Manager, Customer Service Rep, Structural Engineer, AND Marketing Executive. Please visit our website www.hrsng.com for detailed job description. JOB OPPORTUNITIES- Government of Akwa Ibom has vacancies to fill in the Mattering Company located in Onna Local Government Area which will soon go into operations: Project Director, Test Engineer, Asst Test Engineer, Production Engineer, and Quality Inspection Engineer, Asst Quality Inspection Engineer, Asst Processing Engineer, Sales Engineer, General Management Assistants, Operator- Misc and Utilities, Operator Technician, Janitorial Services Staff, Security Service Staff, Materials Storage and Handling Staff, Warehouse Administrator Meter 1 Phase General Assembly, Meter 1 Phase Testing, Meter 1 Phase Rework, Meter 3 Phase initial Assembly, Meter 3 Phase Testing, Meter Box Manufacturing, ,Mould Filters, and Meter Box Assembly. All applications should be sent to BUREAU OF Technical Matters and Due Process, Plot 7G-Line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, or email: contact@btmdp.ak.gov.ng, or 09025704438. VACANCIES- Vacancies exist for the position of Driver, at S.A Oladiti and Sons Nigeria Limited. Minimum qualification is SSCE/GCE/O Level. Interested candidates should send their applications and CV to saorecruitment@gmail.com, not later than November 18, 2016. VACANCIES- A state micro finance bank with head office in Port Hacourt, Nigeria HAS VACANCIES IN THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS: MD/CEO, Operation Manager, Credit and Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Risk Manager, Internal Auditor. Interested candidates should submit their cv with position applied for to zoeconceptslimited@gmail.com not later than two weeks from the date of this publication. VACANCY- A first class Engineering Consulting firm has vacancies in the following: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Architect. Interested applicant should be forwarded to empachnigltd@rocketmail.com, or thomasomisore@gmail.com. Candidates should not be more than 40 years. VACANCY- A reputable Company based in Ogun State is in need of security personnel to fill vacant positions. Position is open to both Male and Female, between the age of 21-40. Marital status must be clearly stated. Interested candidates should send an application letter and CV with subject to mindlabglobalng@gmail.com. Application closes on Wednesday 31st August, 2016. VACANCY- A well known hospital in Lagos needs the services of the following: Medical Health Record Officer, Medical Laboratory Scientist and Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians and Registered Nurses. Send CV to pphospital@yahoo.com VACANCY- A new multinational company urgently needs customer care officer, sales and marketing executive, assistant front desk officer, admin officer, microbiologist and biochemists. Forward your CV to eaglelifeconcept@gmail.com VACANCIES– A civil and structural Engineering needs the services of the following: Senior Structural Engineer, Senior Construction Engineer, HR/QMR, AND Senior Autocad Technician. Interested persons should send in their CV s to The Engineers, P.O.BOX 8681, Ikoyi, Lagos, not later than two weeks from the date of this publication, or email projectengineers2012@yahoo.com URGENT VACANCIES- A well established Six form college in Ikeja has the following vacancies: Experienced part time Cambridge A-Level teachers in the following: English, Mathematics, Economics, History, Business Studies, and experienced drivers with good guarantors. Apply with CV to countrywideconsultants@yahoo.com within 1 week from the date of this publication. VACANCY – Romax properties limited; a building and construction company based in Lekki has vacancies in the following: Architect, Civil Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Site Supervisor, Secretary, and Driver. Applicant that meets the requirements can send their CV s and application letter to romaxltd48@gmail.com VACANCIES- An established School in Ikeja has vacancies in the following: Nursery/Primary Teachers ( NCE/B.ED), Secondary Teachers: Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Mathematics, English, French, C.R.K, Economics, Yoruba and Govt ( B.A/BS.C). Qualified candidates should forward their CVs to tgroup003@gmail.com

Buhari approves governing boards of NPA, NIMASA

Friday Olokor President Muhammadu Buhari, has approved the composition of the governing boards of the Nigerian Ports Authority and Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency. The announcement was contained in a statement issued on Friday night by the Director (Press and Public Relations) in Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Bolaji Adebiyi. While the NPA governing board has Mr. Emmanuel Olajide Adesoye as chairman, other members include a former Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, Supo Shashore; Suleiman Ibrahim Halilu, Constance Harry Mashal, Umar Shu’aibu, Charles Efe Emukowhate Sylvester and Hadiza Bala Usman.

10 Top Mobile Application Development Platforms

Development organizations are increasingly looking for a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that can support their needs for both current and future projects. Here are 10 that have been identified as leaders in the field. Mobile application development is more important to the enterprise than ever before. Development organizations are increasingly looking for a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that can support their needs for both current and future projects. It's a broad field and vendors offer a wide array of capabilities. Here are 10 of the best, identified by Gartner as leaders in the field. SAP Compared with other major independent software vendors (ISVs), SAP bet early on mobility. Its latest mobile offering, Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), has matured rapidly since its initial release in 2010, providing a flexible application development environment with plug-ins for Eclipse and Visual Studio, along with a proprietary studio. While it has a steeper learning curve than many other solutions, it is an excellent choice for broad mobile initiatives, especially in conjunction with SAP's Afaria mobile device management (MDM) solution. SAP closed its acquisition of Syclo, another leading vendor of mobile application development platforms, in June of this year. Syclo Acquired by SAP in June, Syclo initially specialized in field service and enterprise asset management (EAM) applications for ruggedized devices, but has over the years extended the reach of its platform to all popular mobile OSes. However, enterprises with needs around EAM and field-service-based users are likely to get the most out of Syclo. Its Agentry MADP is an excellent platform for B2E applications, and it now supports many B2C requirements as well. Agentry is especially good at supporting hybrid applications that behave like native applications and Web-oriented implementations. Antenna Antenna's Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) is a good fit for organizations that need to build multiple applications for various types of mobile devices and deploy them as a cloud service. AMP is composed of a development studio together with a scalable cloud runtime service and set of clients that run on a wide array of mobile devices. Its AMPchroma mobile software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, which debuted in February 2012,adds more capabilities, like integration with MDM based on Antenna's acquisition of Volantis Systems. Kony When it first debuted in 2007, Kony focused on consumer-facing applications, but has since added B2E capabilities, through organic growth. Kony's platform is a good fit for projects that require the use of native features on an array of mobile devices. The environment can be used to build apps once for tablets, smartphones, feature phones, mobile browsers and even Adobe Adobe Systems acquired Nitobi Software, maker of the PhoneGap framework, in the fourth quarter of 2011. PhoneGap is used to wrap HTML5 apps in native containers, making it a strong choice for media-rich enterprises with requirements for mobile clients, or organizations that want to wrap mobile Web applications developed with other platforms like Sencha, Dojo Mobile, jQuery Mobile and others. It's available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. Sencha Sencha takes a Web-centric approach to mobile application development, making it a good fit for organizations with lots of Web application and JavaScript development expertise, but little in the way of native development expertise. Its Sencha Touch application development framework is based on HTML 5. Earlier this year it sealed a deal with SAP to allow SAP customers to use Sencha Touch to build and integrate with SUP. jQuery Mobile Part of the nonprofit Software Freedom Conservancy's jQuery open source project, jQuery Mobile is a good fit for organizations that need an open source mobile Web framework that will allow them to leverage existing jQuery skills. The framework provides the ability to use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build interactive mobile Web pages for an array of smartphones, and it can be used with PhoneGap to build hybrid mobile applications. Appcelerator Based on Eclipse, Appcelerator's Titanium mobile platform is a free download with preintegrated cloud services and an extensive library of application extensions in its module marketplace. It's a good fit for organizations that need to do multi-OS application development leveraging Web-based skill sets. Appcelerator recently partnered with SAP, giving SAP customers the capability to use Titanium to build and integrate with SUP. Verivo Software Verivo Software specializes in lightweight, native client-side applications, making it a strong choice for enterprises that need to support a wide array of device types and platforms with limited development resources. To help provide a consistent, native user experience across platforms, Verivo provides visual/functional elements that can be shared across platforms. Dojo Dojo Mobile is an open source development framework supported by the Dojo Foundation that is available both as a free download and commercially distributed as part of IBM's WebSphere. It's a good fit for organizations that need a lightweight, open source mobile Web framework that allows them to leverage experience with Dojo Toolkit. Dojo gives developers the ability to use HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to build interactive mobile Web pages for both desktop devices and Webkit-enabled mobile devices. It can create native mobile applications when used in conjunction with PhoneGap.